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What is a Viral Content Marketing?

Viral Content Marketing
Viral Content Marketing

What is a Viral Content Marketing?

Viral Content is the term used to describe content that spreads rapidly across the Internet and attracts a great deal of attention. Such content is frequently in video format, but texts, images and infographics all have the potential to become viral.


1. Use number – Brackets – Short URLs – Descriptive URLs

2. Use s Colorful Image Above the Fold – Put Share Buttons Above the Fold – Lead with Short Sentences.

3. Image Add Credibility – Make Text Easy to Scan – Be Insanely Practical

4. Use Pro Image – Get Emotional – Use Infographics

5. Image Increase Shares – Mention Influencers – Ask People to Share Your Post

6. Publish Long Content – Always Set a Featured Image – SEO Tag Copy = Adword Ads

7. Include Hashtags – Publish Between 8am & 12pm


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